Who is the walrus?


While he is a well-traveled globetrotter and regularly on the move, Wayfarer The Walrus calls New York City home. As a Midtown fixture, The Walrus is always suited up for an exemplary meal or celebration, and he is always ready to loosen his tie for any occasion. You will constantly find him entertaining a group of comrades from near and far while enjoying a quality meal or tucked away at his table partaking in exotic libations at his usual haunts. His laugh is contagious and irresistible charm – captivating; a Gatsby for the modern day. Underneath his thick skin is a refreshingly sensitive spirit, always looking for a reason to laugh with friends and even at himself. He has a predilection for bending the rules, but his hardworking mentality and welcoming demeanor makes him an enigma amongst men. While he is generous with others, Wayfarer does not hesitate to treat himself.  He is draped in custom tailored suits and adorned in his selectively chosen and luxurious adornments complemented by items collected from his journeys. His reputation proceeds him with anecdotes reverberating around the world, yet everyone always seems to have many questions about the legend they call ‘Wayfarer.’ His dichotomous nature and ever-changing movement is what led him to the crossroads of 57th and 6th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan – a nexus where sophistication meets indulgence and anything can happen.